Object Custom Framing

Do you have an object that you would really like framed to display pride of place on your wall? Well at Newframes can make your dreams come true.

You Name It. We Can Probably Frame It

Well, we can and do frame many unusual items. Using our framing techniques and experience gained over many years there are not many items that defeat us, if we can’t frame it then it probably can’t be done!! Objects framed correctly look amazing and are certainly a talking point.

Delve into those forgotten items and have them framed today.

We can frame almost anything…The list is endless……. 

Books✔️ Bottles✔️ Caps✔️ CD’s✔️ Confirmation Dress✔️ Dried Flowers✔️ Football Shirts✔️ Footballs✔️ Golf Clubs✔️ Magazines✔️ Medals✔️ Memorabilia✔️ Old time things called LP’s✔️ Rugby Shirts✔️ Shoes✔️ Sport Clothing✔️ Toys✔️    AND MUCH MORE ……..


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