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Framing Ideas

If you have never framed a picture before, it is understandable to feel uncertain and unsure about how to proceed.

However, there is no need to worry.

Framing a picture is a simple task that can be easily accomplished with the right guidance. Allow me to offer some helpful advice to ensure that you are confident and successful in your framing endeavours.

We strongly advise opting for a professional picture framer with extensive experience in framing artwork of various complexities.

Our esteemed framers operate on-site in our workshop, 11 Goodge Street, London, producing impeccable results tailored to your pieces.

There are various combinations to enable different ways to display your artwork.

Some are more suitable for certain types of artwork than others, this is where our experience will assist you.

We offer a variety of framing options to meet your needs.

– Frame only
– With a mount
– With artwork floated on the mount
– Floating on foam board raised from the mount at the back of the frame to create a shadow, box frame
– Hand staining
– Readymade frame.

Our professional team takes great care in ensuring that each piece is framed to your satisfaction and with the highest quality materials. We understand that every piece of artwork is unique, and it is our goal to find the perfect framing solution to showcase and protect it for years to come.

Contact us to discuss your framing needs and find the perfect option for your artwork.

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