Mounts - Passe Par Tout For Picture Frames

Our frame mounts are made with Bainbridge Artcare conservation quality mountboard with Microchamber Technology to protect your artwork in years to come. They are available in a large range of colours and can be cut to size as you require, often while you wait*.

Mount Passe Pas Tout boards by Nielsen for conservation care of Artwork

Peace of Mind.

With Artcare mountboards you also get peace of mind because there is no risk of acid damage to artwork, unlike some other boards on the market.

You also get the widest range of colours and surfaces in the industry and all of them are 100% bleed and fade resistant, whichever colour you select.

In addition, you get the widest range of rag boards, jumbo boards and extra thick boards, all with the same added value Artcare technology

Artcare products bring conservation framing into the 21st century.

Unlike standard conservation products that are engineered to “do no harm” to images, Artcare products are designed to actively protect images from today’s threats. Threats can include indoor and outdoor air pollution, cleaning products, and even by-products from the image’s own natural aging.

Over time, these harmful gases cause art and photos to fade, yellow, or even deteriorate. We’ve all seen this happen, but now there’s a way to prevent the irreparable ravages of time.

Mount Board Conservation#

Where Artcare has been used.

Priceless images and documents are already protected by Artcare. Conservationists and museums have trusted Artcare with preserving some of our most important artifacts. These include George Washington’s Last Will and Testament, the original Wright Brothers Bi-Plane drawings

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