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C2 Nielsen Readymade Frame

                      Design and quality to meet the highest expectations

Only the best components are used on the C2 readymade frames production line in Germany:

 6 Colours | 10 Sizes

The aluminium picture frame with its 10 mm narrow, the straight-line profile is absolutely trendy. With 6 colours, available in 10 sizes, there is a wide range of framing options, and the surfaces are painted or anodised. You can choose between a glossy, matt or brushed finish. The C2 frames are made in Germany and are equipped with high quality components:

  • edge-ground float glass
  • stable rear panel made of FSC® -certified wood (licence code: FSC® CO21405) with Nielsen torsion springs
  • acid-free insert (170 g/m²) – can be used as a barrier paper between the picture motif and the back wall

The frame can be used for motifs in portrait and landscape format. The picture frame is very stable and there is no wear and tear even after frequent picture changes.

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C2 profile

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